Co-Parenting Workshops

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Ending a divorce or a relationship from which you have children together can be a difficult task. So often those relationships are fraught with all types of conflicts solidified with communication problems. Just because you are no longer together does not mean your relationship problems with each other are over, especially if you must cooperate to raise the children well. You may notice that most of the problems linger unless both of you intend to cooperate and let go of past hurt and grievances.

What happens when co-parenting is not cooperative, healthy, or effective? The co-parenting problems can ruin children’s lives, making it difficult for them to experience healthy emotional, psychological, spiritual, or even social lives. They may also learn maladaptive ways that can make it difficult for them to interact effectively with a partner or spouse or enjoy meaningful relationships. Simply, it can rob them of overall happiness.

Unresolved emotions, such as grudges, anger, resentment, and feeling of revenge, from a failed marriage, can also ruin parents’ emotional, spiritual, and psychological growth, leading to difficulty in exploring and engaging in potentially rewarding and meaningful intimate interactions. I am pretty much saying that if you don’t drop your toxic bags that you are carrying from previous relationships, you are likely to bring them to future relationships.