Aug 24, 2020 | San Francisco

“Dr. Nelson listens to every word you say and picks up on the cues that are hidden and that’s what makes him the best! He allows you to talk and offers solutions and ‘homework.’”

Aug 27, 2020   |   San Francisco

“I am loving the video sessions because he picks up from my reactions to something he would have said. He has empathy, and I look forward to the session every week. Thank you, Dr. Nelson. Glad I found you at this point in my life!”

Aug 28, 2020   |   San Francisco

“Awesome, phenomenal therapist. I appreciate his professionalism and patience. I advise anyone that need some additional to cope with issues of life to make an appointment to visit him.”

Sep 02, 2020 | San Francisco

“It is truly a pleasure to be treated by Mr. Nelson over the course of a year. He’s very knowledgeable, perceptive and skilled in helping with life problems. I’ve really grown under his care and guidance. I recommend him to any struggling with depression, anxiety and other issues. He’s patient, calm and most importantly, respectful and relatable.”