Family Therapy
Family therapy aims to help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts. The family can be a strong pilar of support to the individual or individuals who belong to a healthy one. Additionally, having a strong and healthy family can be a person’s one of the most valuable defense against life’s challenges and difficulties. Therefore, seek to understand the problems that divide the family with the help of a capable professional who can guide you through the healing process for a healthier family.
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Guiding Principles to Therapy

Through my training, reflections, and experiences, I have developed some approaches that have invigorated clients through the counseling process. The goal is to help my clients feel empowered and take the steps to feel aligned and allow well-being to flow through them. My two therapy models, the ELECO Model and the FATCA Model, are summarized below:

 The ELECO Model

  • E-enthusiastic about life and vigor for living
  • L-love for self and inclination toward happiness
  • E-energetic response toward wanting to feel better about life’s situations
  • C-courage to accept the present situation and determination to allow change
  • O-optimism for a favorable outcome about current life’s situations

The FATCA Model

  • F-feel and acknowledge current feelings and elicit the desire to feel better
  • A-acceptance of current feelings and situations by being okay with them
  • T-think positively about current situations
  • C-connect with the Source of well-being and unconditional love
  • A-allow positive feelings of well-being to flow through the body